With apartment rentals in Raleigh in demand, individuals who are looking to rent need to take into consideration what features and amenities are important to them prior to making a decision. Renters have many options within the area, but prior to selecting any one of them, the individual needs to consider his or her specific.. read more →

At Allister North Hills Apartments, we take pride in our luxurious accommodations and top-of-the-line amenities. But to make the most of your experience in Raleigh, we believe your quality of life goes beyond our high-class amenities to being connected with others where you live. To enjoy both your apartment community and the surrounding area to.. read more →

. Congratulations to our latest apartment of the month winner! As with all apartment of the month winners, this Allister resident received a $100 North Hills gift card for their fantastic decorating job! As you can see from the photos, the favored Allister blue appears throughout this sunny Yadkin style home.  Living & Dining The.. read more →

Living in Raleigh can be an exciting adventure in a number of ways. Whether you like quiet, private time or you would prefer to be out on the town having fun, there’s something for everyone. Allister North Hills Apartments can put you right in the middle of everything that matters to you. When you’re looking.. read more →

The Living Room: The combination of the colors used in this open living room; tans, greens and bursts of burnt orange, makes the space feel cozy and inviting. The arrangement of furniture divides the space perfectly, creating an entertainment seating area and a kitchen, dining area. Bold furniture pieces, such as the chest used as.. read more →