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4 Creative Ways to Spruce Up Your Decor (Without Having to Paint!)

Designer touches to first-class amenities, everything about our luxury Raleigh apartments is beyond compare, and we are confident you’ll love your experience living here!

Having said that, however, as a new resident in our community you may face one conundrum that is common to many apartment renters – the question of how to decorate! As an apartment renter, you might not do everything you otherwise would to decorate if it were a property you owned rather than rented. For example, while painting is allowed in our apartments (come see us for details!) such interior changes do have stipulations that may require an additional expense and/or additional work for you at the end of your lease term. Not being able to permanently paint without some sort of investment later is a common decorating issue renters face. But don’t worry! We are here to help by providing some creative (and easy!) ways to spruce up your apartment without having to worry about any potential costs associated with painting.

Use Wall Decals

At Allister North Hills Apartments, wall decals are one of our top recommendations for giving your apartment some pizazz without incurring damage to the apartment itself. Wall decals are easy to apply, even simpler to remove, and come in all kinds of designs. You can find quotations, fun designs for kids, or even stunning scenery decals that emulate the sights you love around Raleigh. Try your nearest home goods store, home improvement store, or even a general retailer, like Target or Walmart, to search for the wall decal options that best suit your taste.

Think Outside the Box – Try Fabric for Texture

Another wonderful way to liven up the walls is by using fabrics! And with a variety of arts, crafts, and fabric stores in the Raleigh area, many fabric options are available to you. While you can certainly hang fabric curtains to add color, you can also tack cotton, velvet, or even silk along the entire surface area of the wall. When done correctly (without creating creases or bumps), this technique is even more beautiful than paint because it includes the element of texture. We love the solution fabric offers for texturizing walls and accenting rooms without having to paint!

Focus on the Furniture

If you don’t Want to change your space without touching the walls at all? You can still create an incredbily interesting space by simply making your furniture the focal point. For example, you can paint your desk a bright and bold color that ties in perfectly with your color scheme. Or you can get a tall and wide bookcase to cover the majority of the wall and fill it full of intriguing books and interesting accent pieces. Focusing on the furniture rather than the walls can be another way to make your house feel like home!

Change Out the Knobs

Changing out hardware on furniture is an easy fix and a clever way to add some style in your apartment home. Don’t be afraid to choose a different knob for different drawers. Changing hardware is a simple, inexpensive way to change the look and feel of your decor with very little labor required!

See? While we’ve shared 4 ways to spruce up the décor in your apartment home, we are confident there are even more ideas for bringing your personality into your decorations without the associated costs of painting and/or repainting. (Though, of course, we are happy to discuss painting options with you if you do want to go that route!)

As long as you use your creativity and stay true to your style, you can’t go wrong.What fail-proof ways have you discovered that make your apartment feel like home? We’d love to hear about it and see pictures of what is working for you!