Here at Allister we love throwing parties and getting to mingle and meet our fabulous residents! 
The margarita recipe below has been served at multiple resident events and proven to be a tried and true favorite here at Allister North Hills.
After many requests, we decided to share the recipe!

Allister’s Rosemary & Coconut Margaritas

(For a small pitcher, serves 4)
1 cup of coconut tequila
1 bottle of lime Perrier or a lime sparkling water
1 cup of Powell & Mahoney Margarita Mix
(This is our new favorite mix!…Although we only use a bit and add our own ingredients, this is an excellent base!)
3 Limes, 2 for juicing and 1 to garnish
A few sprigs of fresh rosemary

Serve with lime wedges and decorate with rosemary and salt.
Enjoy & serve at your next summer gathering at one of Allister’s many luxury outdoor amenities!

The rosemary and coconut combo make this margarita unexpected and extra special!