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Allister’s “Apartment of the Month”

Congratulations to our selected resident who won November’s “Apartment of the Month” contest!

This resident chose Allister’s Yadkin one bedroom, one bathroom because of it’s bright and spacious, open floor plan. The Yadkin always falls on a corner, allowing an abundance of natural light. Windows surround the kitchen and living space and two large ones allow for morning sunlight into the bedroom.

Yadkin Floorplan

This resident was hoping to create a space that would welcome her home each day, and where she could entertain her friends and family. Take a look at how she achieved this design.


Navy blue, gray with teal, pink and cream accents make up the color scheme of this room. This resident wanted a delicate and soft space for this room so flowers, vintage lanterns, textured throw pillows and secondary lighting were used to achieve this feel. At the same time, there was a desire to include bold elements. Navy blue chairs and an ottoman helped with this aspect, along with the printed curtains and floor vases with the tall wooden shoots.
        ” Since it’s such a big room to fill, I wanted to make two clearly separate spaces (living/dining) but still maintain a sense of consistency. I wanted to have a very comfortable sitting area that would be good for both cocktail parties and lazy Sunday lounging with my dog. The couch is great because you can remove the top cushions and it becomes a twin bed, which has been super convenient for hosting guests. “
          ” Finally, I wanted the room to be warm, cozy and homey without adding clutter or taking away from the overall look of the space. I utilized the built-in desk shelves for adding personal touches, like photos and family heirlooms, and I hung one of my great grandmother’s paintings on the wall below the lanterns. To add some more color, I painted the wall behind the desk shelves navy blue. “
This resident told us, just about everything in this room was purchased at Target, Marshalls and HomeGoods. Design on a post-grad budget!







The design of the master bathroom was so simple and organized. This resident utilized the Yadkin’s built in storage shelving to keep her personal items tucked away and out of site. Adding pops of color to this neutral space, kept the feel very crisp, clean and chic.





Inspiration: Actually, the Allister! I fell in love with the decor the second I walked in the main building. For example, there are flowers in almost every corner of my apartment because I liked the pink rose arrangement in the lobby so much. The gray and teal combination in the great room and the navy accent wall in the model unit inspired my color scheme, as well as my choice of fabrics, in the living area. I went on a quest for lanterns after I saw the white birdcages on the patio. The list goes on.

Design Style: Probably eclectic because I combined so many different styles and textures to get the look I was going for. Mainly, I wanted a space that would be comfortable.

Favorite Element: My couch. I returned two couches before finally finding this gem. It was worth the hassle, though. Not only is it stain resistant, but it also converts into a (very comfy) twin-sized bed. All I have to do is remove the top cushions and throw on a set of sheets. It’s great for having guests.

Favorite Room: My Bedroom. I loved the big windows and wanted to make them a focal point, so I draped them with sheer, billowy curtains. I think they make the room bright and happy and whimsical, which is nice to wake up to every morning. The “headboard” consists of old shutters I purchased for 16 dollars at an antique store and painted yellow. I created a little reading corner with an accent chair and bedside table. I used primary colors and a black accent table and ottoman to balance out the white bedspread, curtains and dresser.


Allister North Hills Residents

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