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January’s Apartment of the Month

Congratulations to our selected resident who won January’s “Apartment of the Month” contest!

It is no surprise to us that the majority of our residents decide on the Yadkin One Bedroom, One Bathroom because of its bright, spacious and open floor plan. While all of Allister’s floor plans are designed around an open concept, this specific layout is unique in that it is the only floor plan that falls on building corners – natural sunlight fills this layout from TWO sides of the apartment, creating a wonderful bright and sunny home. If you enjoy natural sunlight, this floor plan would be the perfect fit.

Yadkin Floorplan

This is again the case for the most recent Apartment of the Month contest winner. Take a look at how this resident designed their home!


Jewel and Earth tones, such as forest green, earthy browns and deep reds make up the rich color scheme of this room. This resident wanted the kitchen, dining and living spaces to flow together and create one open and inviting room. I think it is fair to say this resident achieved exactly that! The layout of the furniture fits this space perfectly and is great for everyday living, as well as entertaining guests. We love the finer details like the wall art, candles and potpourri that really tie the room together.
Rich Color Scheme


The bedroom is a wonderful continuation of this residents overall design style. Deep shades of eggplant purple and gold keep this room feeling elegant and luxurious. Placement of patterns and artwork break up the bold shades to help the room feel personalized and modern.



We love how this resident utilized the linen shelving in the bathroom storage space! Baskets are a perfect way to collect items in an organized way and add style to the room.


Inspiration: My parents’ house and my mom’s decorating style!

Design Style: Modern

Favorite Room: The Living Room

Favorite Element: Live, Laugh, Love mirror in the kitchen.  It’s my favorite saying and something I try to live by.  


Allister North Hills Residents

Please e-mail for information on how to enter!