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Allister’s Apartment of the Month

Congratulations to our selected resident who won December’s “Apartment of the Month” contest. 

Having enough space to entertain family and friends was an important factor when this resident chose their apartment. The Beaufort offers an enormous kitchen island, and an additional Sun-room. I chose the Beaufort floor plan because there is lots of light and it is very open feeling with all of the windows in the living room, dining room and kitchen area.
Beaufort Floorplan
The Living Room: 
The Dining Nook:
The Bedroom:
Inspiration: I got the idea for my bedroom from a hotel room I stayed at when I was in Los Angeles this summer! It is very cozy and comfy!
Design Style: I believe that your home should be filled with all of your favorite things! I love the furniture that I picked out for my apartment because it has a chic modern feel to it! I’ve added some gold, silver, grayish-taupe and teal accent pieces through out my place.
Favorite Element: One of my favorite pieces of furniture is my purple couch and it’s my favorite color too! I’m big on mixing textures and that’s why I chose the rugs and pillows in my apartment. The rug in my living room is an off-white plush shag rug and in the kitchen and bedroom I have an off-white & gray leather shag rug. There are lots of pillows everywhere…soft Mongolian plush, Chinchilla and Velvet pillows! Love them!
I painted some accent walls with three different colors…”Teal” at my desk area, “Linen” in my bedroom & kitchen and “Twilight” in the living room. I have several painted pieces hanging on the walls and lots of framed family photos everywhere.