When was the last time you woke up on a Sunday morning and weren’t hungry? If you’re like us, it doesn’t happen too often. That’s why we decided to create this list of the top-rated brunch restaurants in Raleigh.


Whether your ideal brunch looks like a cup of coffee and an eggs benedict or you like to go outside the box for your mid-morning meal, you’ll find the ideal brunch destination on the list below. Raleigh has a surprisingly strong brunch scene, including some brand new restaurants, so you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list. Check it out and enjoy your next brunch outing in Raleigh!


Metro Diner

Not only does Metro Diner have some of one of the best chicken and waffle dishes in Raleigh, but they serve it from open to close! This all-day brunch spot serves huge portions of chicken and waffles with strawberry butter and sweet and spicy sauce drizzled all over. We do have to warn you that this place is usually packed, so try to arrive early if you want to avoid waiting in line.   


The Morning Times

As one of the few brunch restaurants in Raleigh with outdoor seating, The Morning Times is a popular spot for locals looking to enjoy some sun with their eggs and OJ. The items on the brunch menu are pretty standard: breakfast burritos, breakfast sandwiches, French toast, etc. Sometimes familiar food is the best food though, and that’s certainly the case at this popular Raleigh brunch spot.


You’ll get serious coffee shop vibes when you walk into The Morning Times but don’t be fooled by the laid-back atmosphere. The breakfast burrito is seriously one of the best in town, and we’ve heard nothing but good things about the fried chicken as a side dish.


Tupelo Honey

Delicious Brunch Restaurants in Raleigh


If you love a restaurant that pays attention to its ambiance, you can’t do much better than Tupelo Honey. Despite the fact that it’s one of the more popular brunch restaurants in town, it’s big enough to accommodate the crowds that visit on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Not only that, but the restaurant’s stellar acoustics keep it from being overwhelmingly loud during the brunch rush!


As the name suggests, Tupelo Honey serves southern-style brunch. We’re talking fried green tomatoes, honey-butter chicken, and complimentary homemade biscuits at the beginning of every meal. If you decide to go for brunch, be sure to check out the extensive morning cocktail menu at this Cameron Village eatery!


A Place at the Table

You can be bold and order a pulled pork panini, or you can stick with the classic waffles and sausage dish. Either way, you’re bound to have an enjoyable experience at A Place at the Table. One of the best brunch restaurants Raleigh has to offer, A Place at the Table is located in the warehouse district in downtown. Our favorite thing about this place has to be the endless options for toast, including a delicious oven-fried tomato toast with bacon and pimento spread.


Pam’s Farm House

The last brunch restaurant on our list is as simple and straightforward as the name suggests. Pam’s Farm House serves standard breakfast and brunch fares like cheese biscuits, grits, and fatback ham. This lovely little place has been a fixture in the Raleigh community for years, and you’ll be able to literally see the history on the artifacts on the walls.


As you can see, there’s no shortage of awesome brunch restaurants in Raleigh. We hope you get the chance to visit them all, and if you find yourself hanging out in the North Hills neighborhood before or after brunch, we invite you to swing by the leasing office at Allister North Hills! You can schedule a tour online, give us a call at (919) 439-4787, or stop into the leasing office — either way, one of our leasing agents will be happy to show you around our luxury apartment community.  

Hope to see you soon!