It doesn’t matter whether you are single, dating, engaged, or married – just about everybody enjoys going on a romantic date from time to time! If you’re looking to plan a date night in North Hills, there are plenty of options! The variety of options especially comes in handy for those people who frequently experience the last minute panic of the “OH NO! I am taking him/her out tonight and I don’t know where we should go!” moment. Even if you are a meticulous planner and have a night scheduled to the T, North Hills should always be at the top of your list for date night.

The best thing about North Hills in regard to a date night is there is a crazy variety of tastes and styles in nightlife and dining experiences to encourage conversation and excitement. Here are some great ideas to help you create a fun “get to know” you date or a romantic night out for people who have been married for years.

Bowling is such a great activity because in turns out that very few people are actually any good at playing, making it particularly entertaining on date night! Whether or not you really mean to let your date beat you or not, you’ll have a good time in the process. Kings Bowling in North Hills creates a vibrant atmosphere full of competition (one of you will get to leave with bragging rights!) and fun.

Kings Bowling

For the introverts of the group who are thinking (and not saying out loud!), “I don’t really like to talk that much and it may make me feel a little strange to be around so many people on a date.” The solution is simple. Just walk across the street to the Regal Cinema’s movie theater and catch a movie with your cutie. They always have a fantastic selection of movies and showtimes so you can be spontaneous and just walk in together to pick one out. If for some reason you have some time before your screening, there are tons of boutiques and stores to check out and kill time. This is a good way to get to know the tastes of the one you are out with and  have plenty of conversation starters to keep the conversation going strong.

If you want to keep it romantic, there are several private restaurants throughout the area that allow you to feel like you’re in your own world, including Firebirds, Mura Sushi, and Mia Francesca. For even more ideas, check out another one of our posts on Seven Spots for Fantastic Local Fare in North Hills.
Mia Francesca Restaurant in North Hills | Allister North Hills Apartments Blog

Perhaps the best thing about all of these ideas is the flexibility of it all. You want sushi and a concert? You got it. How about a movie and bowling in the same night. That can work too. Want Italian food, ice cream, and a game of trivia all in the same night? It’s all right there within walking distance to your apartment at Allister North Hills.

We’d love to know – what is your favorite date night activity in North Hills?