Can you believe the summer is almost over? Seems this is one of those times of year where many are on one side of the fence or the other. There is not much middle ground on Summers’ end, as some people love summer and are super sad to see the hot weather and tanning season end, and others tend to flip out about pumpkin everything and already start playing Christmas songs before Halloween.

Whatever your stance on the change of season is, there is one thing that almost everybody can agree on. The Friday Night Tributes Concerts in North Hills are a blast! Lets get real – who can turn down a free outdoor show in a vibrant section of Raleigh where each week a different group of performers pay homage to the best music ever created?! In the span of 2 hours, Midtown Park transforms from this:

Midtown Empty

To this!

Midtown Concert

Not only is there plenty of room throughout the lawn at the Friday Night Tributes concerts, but the park also features a naturally sloped amphitheater that really provides the perfect sound and feel of a great concert. Too hot? Sponsors like us, Allister North Hills, are often there passing out sunglasses, fans, and free waters. Enjoying a night out with your friends? Beer and liquor tents are set up all around the event. Hungry halfway through the show? Food trucks, like Chirba Chirba Dumpling, are parked down the side of Park at North Hills St. If you’ arrive earl, you may get lucky enough to land a table on the back porch of Chuy’s that overlooks the entire show.


The series runs through October 16th. Take a look at the lineup for the Friday Night Tributes Concert Series in North Hills below! 

August 14 – Billy Joel and Elton John Tribute – The Stranger

August 21 – Bob Marley Tribute – Crucial Fiya

August 28 – Motown Tribute – The Legacy Motown Revue 

September 4 – 70s Disco Funk – Sleeping Booty 

September 11 – Classic Rock Tribute – Walrus

September 18 – Coldplay Tribute – 42

September 25 – British Invasion Tribute – THE British Invasion 

October 2 – 80s Tribute – The Breakfast Club 

October 9 – 90s Tribute – Here’s to the Night 

October 16th – U2 Tribute – 2U

Regardless of your stance on the changing of the seasons or on music or really on much of anything else, it’s pretty rare to find someone who wouldn’t enjoy the Friday Night Tributes Concert Series in North Hills, Raleigh. If you’re lucky enough to live in North Hills (like every resident at Allister!), take advantage of how close you are and walk to the show each Friday!