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Lassiter Mill Waterfalls

panoramic waterfall

There’s hardly a prettier sight than natural flowing waterfalls on a beautiful (almost Spring) day. Take Niagra Falls, Twin Falls in Idaho, Havasu Falls among the Grand Canyon, for instance; they are all so breath-taking, impressive, and astonishing in nature. As we biked down the Raleigh Capital Area Greenway today, we stumbled upon our ¬†very own local, beautiful, historical waterfalls. We ventured down Lassiter Mill from the Greenway trail and biked into this peaceful scenery. This site was originally called “The Great Falls of Crabtree” and the land was eventually bought by Cornelius Lassiter after 1900. He built two 40-horse turbine wheels to mill grain and lumber and unfortunately they only lasted a couple of decades. Now this area is left for fishing, relaxing, and observing¬†as a natural beauty of Raleigh!

waterfall <–Click here to find out more about our Capital Greenway and view a map!