conference table and chairs in well lit business center

Work from Home, with a Work-Life Balance

We encourage the overall wellness of our community residents at Allister North Hills, because we believe that health and wellness are critically important to maintain a happy, fulfilled lifestyle. Working from home can sometimes be a strain due to the blurring of the lines between your work space and home space. You deserve the distinction between work and home, which is why two business centers are on location at Allister North Hills for our residents.

computer stations and printer in business center

Work Comfortably, Work Connected

The business centers on location at Allister North Hills come equipped with plenty of areas for you to work with the same contemporary, eye-catching design as the rest of our community amenities. Comfortable individual work spaces with all the necessary plugins nearby and fast WiFi are always available. In addition, we have outfitted a roomy conference room for projects requiring more space for the whole team. Your commute home will only be a short walk back to your apartment.

coffee bar in business center

Reliable WiFi, Coffee Bars, and More

All of the amenities at Allister North Hills are intended to make your life easier so you can focus on what’s most important. We have two coffee bars available, so if you’re working with a team, there’s no need to bring your coffee pot from home to keep everyone’s mug full. Our high-speed WiFi is persistent in all of our common areas, so if you take your work outside for a change of scenery on a nice day, you can still stay connected. Working remotely can have its challenges, but Allister North Hills removes those challenges so that you can comfortably work from home in peace. Contact us to learn more about our business centers and other amenities.