Yoga quiets the mind, strengthens the body, and feeds the soul. Raleigh is home to a number of top-notch yoga studios that are perfect for any experience level, offering traditional classes as well as modern takes on the practice. Here are eight Raleigh yoga studios that can help you find your zen!


Bliss Body Yoga

Bliss Body Yoga focuses on peace and calm and offers classes that are perfect for a quick midday break, for beginners, and for more advanced yogis. Early risers can join the Sunrise Flow class to start the day off right. Those looking to let go of stress and worries can relax into healing poses in the Yin and Gentle Flow classes.


Midtown Yoga

Get inspired by the passionate instructors and the Instagram-worthy decor at Midtown Yoga. This Raleigh yoga studio located in North Hills offers Hot Flow Yoga and Strength Training in a heated room, as well as unheated Prenatal and Meditation classes. If you’re new to yoga, try the Warm Foundations class for a non-intimidating introduction to the main poses and principles of yoga.


Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus is a Raleigh yoga studio that offers a full schedule of classes, including Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative, and Foundations. Explore the power of mindful breathing and flowing through movements in a safe and relaxing environment. The Heated Vinyasa Flow class is one of the more popular classes and is taught in a warm room kept at the perfect temperature to help you ease into poses while cleansing your body of impurities.


CorePower Yoga

Most Relaxing Raleigh Yoga


Wondering if yoga can really be a good workout? Give CorePower Yoga a try and you’ll answer that question once and for all! The high-intensity classes at this innovative Raleigh yoga studio will push you past your physical limitations and open your heart. Sweat out the stress in the signature class “CorePower Yoga 2” as you move through challenging postures and connected breath. The energizing playlist will keep your energy level up so you can power through the workout!


Cirque de Vol

Gain a fun new perspective on yoga in Cirque de Vol’s aerial yoga classes. Gravity works with you helping you elongate your entire body while you hang from a supportive hammock. You’ll find that you can sink deeper into yoga poses while hanging upside down. Cirque de Vol offers aerial yoga classes for all levels and wellness goals, from Mindful Aerial Yoga to the Absolute Beginners Intro to Aerial Yoga.


110 Yoga

Mix it up with a yoga fusion class at 110 Yoga! The classes at this Raleigh yoga studio combine traditional yoga poses with pilates, massage therapy, and strength training for a calorie-scorching workout. Focus on your abs with the Core Flow class, work out any tight muscles in the Stretch ‘n Roll class, or improve your overall strength and mobility with a Vinyasa-based flow class.


YoBa Studio

YoBa Studio is best known for its signature class, which starts with a 30-minute barre workout that transitions into a 30-minute Hot Flow yoga class. This class gives you a great workout plus helps you release the tension and stretch your muscles, leaving your whole body feeling awake and rejuvenated! In addition to its signature class, YoBa also offers a variety of other yoga classes, including Flow Express (which is non-heated) and Yin.


Element Hot Yoga

Leave the weight of the day behind you as you step into Element Hot Yoga. The Raleigh yoga studio offers both warm and hot vinyasa classes daily in the large heated practice room. The classes are carefully planned with a sequence in mind, so each pose builds upon the previous one. At the end of each class, students receive cold lavender towels to lay on their face during savasana for extra relaxation.


Did we miss any great Raleigh yoga studios? Be sure to stop by and let us know! We’d love to hear your recommendations and show you around our luxury apartment community. You can also schedule a tour online or give us a call at (919) 439-4787.

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