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Spring Break

For most of the elementary, middle, and high school students in the Triangle area, it is about to be their favorite time of year…SPRING BREAK!!! This highly anticipated break is necessary for kids’ minds to have a break from tests, papers, and projects and to ware out some cooped up energy that they all possess! We have found tons of activities on WRAL’s website to do over Spring Break, right here in the Triangle, or close to our whereabouts.  Enjoy this list of ideas that include anything from a trip to The Marbles Museum downtown or Duke Gardens to shows at The Kazoom Puppet Theater and White Dear Park Nature Center. Our favorite find on this list is taking a drive to the NC Zoo to check out the new Dinosaur Exhibit! Even if one of your family members doesn’t want to see this scary, thrilling exhibit, the zoo has many other exciting exhibits and animals to view! It is sure to be fun and educational for the whole family.  If your teenager is “too cool” for the zoo, we’d suggest going to see the new Jurassic Park 3D movie that comes out Friday, April 5th! Have teenagers even seen the original Jurassic Park movies? Probably not (haha) Please share your feedback if you or a loved one sees the 3D version!

Whatever you and your family do over Spring Break, we hope it is a fun, relaxing, and safe week for you all!