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Spring Forward with Spring Cleaning

Daylight saving time came in effect yesterday which means Spring is officially on it’s way! In just 10 short (or long, with the time change) days we can say goodbye to the boots, thick coats, and hot chocolate to welcome more sun rays, shorts and iced coffee. We want to help you Spring forward with some Spring cleaning tips geared towards your closets and floors.

Your Closet:

closet image

When tackling your closet, you have many things to consider and clean. If you’re anything like our staff, you have several clothes and shoes, old and new, that are screaming and asking for organization! Here are some things to ask yourself when cleaning your closet:

-Does this fit? Not, will this fit when I lose/gain 10 pounds but really, does it or has it fit in the past 6-12 months? If not, start your donation, garage sale, and garbage piles! You might make someone’s day with that barely worn dress or shoes.

-“Have I worn this in the past 12 months and is it likely I will ever wear this again?” Let’s get real. If you haven’t worn something in the past year, why haven’t you? Do you not like it anymore? Maybe it is out of style or maybe it’s simply not your style anymore. No matter the reason, if you don’t think you’ll wear it again, add it to your piles.

-“Do I feel confident when I wear this?” I’ve heard it said many times before that confidence is the sexiest thing a woman or man can wear. If you don’t feel confident or think a certain outfit or pair of shoes is doing it for you anymore, it might be time to say buh-bye. Who has time to feel anything less than happy or confident in their own shoes?!

-Is this damaged? If so, will I get it repaired? Let’s face it–we all have a hole in a shirt, maybe a zipper that won’t  zip, or a button that fell off of something. Have you taken care of your poor possessions? Why not? More importantly, are you going to take care of them? Most people, including us, let their clothes that need a little extra help collect in their closet. This can even include your clothes that need ironing! So, figure out what clothes or shoes you LOVE that need repairing and get them fixed. Otherwise, keep the pants with a hole as pants you wear to paint or clean or toss ’em to the curb.

Your Floors:

clorox mop

Meet the Clorox Ready Spray Mop! This has been one of our favorite discoveries to clean our hardwood flooring. We’ve tried a Swiffer, but it just hasn’t worked as well. Our hardwoods and tile flooring in our bathrooms need a true mop-like texture and moisture. This baby has been giving us both and doesn’t leave streaks! We love Clorox products, in general, so we like to use the Clorox wipes to clean our blinds, dust some tables, picture frames, and more. If you have carpeted floors, you obviously need a vacuum and to be honest, I think a vacuum is a vacuum so no favorite brand here as long as it sucks everything up and makes the carpet nice and fresh!

We think you can use many techniques to produce successful Spring cleaning so we challenge you to ask the questions we asked about your closets for maybe your kitchen cabinets and linen closets, too. Please take the context into consideration and don’t ask yourself if your saute pan will fit or makes you feel confident! 😉 Do ask yourself if you use this pan, these knives, these containers or these towels or if any are damaged, are they worth fixing?

We would love to hear some other great tips for Spring cleaning. What products do you love or what has helped you to organize your wonderful things and clothes?