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Tips for Meeting New People at Allister North Hills

At Allister North Hills Apartments, we take pride in our luxurious accommodations and top-of-the-line amenities. But to make the most of your experience in Raleigh, we believe your quality of life goes beyond our high-class amenities to being connected with others where you live.
To enjoy both your apartment community and the surrounding area to the full, we believe that happens best in the context of relationship with others! That’s why we strongly encourage our residents to get to know their neighbors. While it may sound atypical to intentionally meet your apartment neighbors, we believe having friends within the apartment complex is worthwhile and can result in rewarding and lasting relationships.

Not sure how to start? Here are a few suggestions:

Introduce Yourself While You are New!

Being Telling others that you are a new resident in Midtown Raleigh is an easy way to begin meeting people. Whenever you see someone as you are taking out the trash, checking your mail, or walking your dog, stop and say “Hi!” Let them know you just moved into the community, and make some small talk. If you pass this person a few times before initiating conversation, it will likely never happen, so be sure to take the initiative at the first point of contact!

Socialize Regularly

At Allister North Hills, we are so committed to helping residents meet, that we offer regularly planned social activities…completely free of charge! Information about upcoming events can be found on our resident portal or obtained from our office staff. Be sure to mark the event on your calendar and/or provide an RSVP to reserve that slot for neighborly interaction! Residents have found these events an excellent way to meet like-minded people…people whom we believe may well become lifelong friends.

Explore Amenities

Aside from the premium urban living experience offered at our Midtown Apartments, our amenities may have been one of the main things that attracted you to our community. The luxurious on-site amenities at Allister North Hills provide another easy opportunity to meet people. When you visit the 24-hour fitness center, consider taking a break from your ear buds and striking up a conversation with the person next to you instead! Or, if you love lounging by the pool, purposely set up your towel near someone else and take a moment to introduce yourself. Another idea is to stop by the sports lounge occasionally to see if there is a pool game going on and ask if you can join in!

We understand that while meeting new people may not always be easy, at Allister North Hills, we are here to make it fun and uncomplicated. When you participate in all we have to offer, open your mind to the possibilities of enduring friendships, and take a few first steps along the lines of what is mentioned above, we believe you will find life in our community to truly be a one-of-a-kind experience!

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