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Top 10 Things to do when you’re Snowed In

Being snowed in can be fun, pleasant, boring, refreshing, terrible and/or beneficial. Below are the top 10 things we recommend doing when you find yourself snowed in!

10.) Clean

Cleaning….is not fun. But, who wants to waste a Saturday or Sunday cleaning all day? Not us! Take advantage of being stuck in the house to clean your bathroom, kitchen, and/or bedroom. Laundry is super easy to tackle on a day like today because you can throw in a load and fold them when they are finished all while watching a movie or waiting for cookies to come out of the oven.

9.) Do Work!

If you’re like us, you’re working from home! The roads may be icy and dangerous, but that won’t stop you from getting your work done. It may not be the most fun activity you could do while being snowed in, but it is certainly one of the most beneficial. If you need to catch up on emails, a proposal, crunch numbers, or pay bills, do yourself a favor and light a candle, put on some good tunes, and knock it out!

Work set up at home!

8.) Watch a Movie

Have you been wanting to see a new movie or catch up on the latest episodes of “Parks and Rec,” “Revenge,” or “Downton Abbey?” Netflix, On Demand, and Internet to the rescue! We know you’re too busy or too tired to watch a full movie on a weeknight so give yourself a break and watch a movie you’ve been dying to see or start a series that came highly recommended to you.

7.) Make Snow Cream & Hot Chocolate!

Embrace the snow and cold and collect some to make snow ice cream! This is a fun activity to do at any age, especially with kids, and is tasty to most palates. Hot chocolate is an excellent hot beverage to accompany this cold treat. Don’t forget the marshmellows (and Irish Cream, if you’re 21 or older)!

snow cream pic

6.) DIY Arts & Crafts or Home Decor

Today is the perfect day to paint, knit, or rearrange that furniture you’ve been wanting to rearrange. “Do it yourself” projects have become all the rage over the past couple of years and there’s a million reasons why! You can save money doing it yourself, have fun with your kids/loved one/roommate and put your own artistic flavor into something. Pinterest, people. Pinterest has become one of our absolute best friends!

DIY pearled strands

5.) Read a Book

When’s the last time you read a book? And no, a magazine does not count. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our lives with the busy schedules, activities, work, etc. that we forget to slow down and smell the roses. Reading can create this sense of relaxation or on the contrary, stimulation, and can be so refreshing. Get lost in a Sci Fi series like The Hunger Games or read something that will help you connect to your clients and colleagues like How to Win Friends and Influence People.

4.) Try a New Recipe

Winter weather advisories and snow storm warnings typically encourage people to head to their grocery stores and stock up. Since you’re stocked up with food and stuck inside, try a new recipe! Baking or cooking something nice and warm comes to mind when it’s below freezing outside and we have the time to cook/bake, for once! We can’t wait to try these “chocolate chip cloud” cookies! Click on the link for the full recipe.


3.)Play Games!

If you and your friends or you and your kids are snowed in, bust out the games! Electronic gaming on the Wii and Xbox Kinect can incorporate exercise while you’re stuck inside and can be super fun! We are all about some Wii/Kinect Zumba, Just Dance, and Sports games! Plus, your family can’t go wrong with board games or classic Pictionary, Charades, and Taboo! These games stimulate your brain and make you laugh…a lot!


Do I really need to explain this one on a snow day? Take a nap! Sleep in! If you try any of these other activities listed, like watching a movie, eating a new recipe you tried, or playing games, you’ll most likely try this activity, too. Allow yourself time to rest on a day like today!

1.) Play in the Snow!

Release your inner child and play in the snow! Build a snowman. Make snow angels. Get in a snowball fight with your best friends, family, or neighbors! Bundle up and be careful, of course, but embrace the snow. After-all, you are having this snow day because of this great precipitation so, pay your respects and go play in it!

snow angel